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Teasing and the Mask Police E004

We're back! This is the last bit from a big conversation we had a couple weeks ago. We begin by checking in on Corey's D&D experience from several episodes ago, which leads to a discussion on teasing. Then Hannah parents Molly telling her she doesn't have to enforce mask wearing regulations everywhere all the time.


Bridget + Molly + Terumi = Molly's Angels?


Molly Isn’t a People Pleaser E003 pt 2

In this continuation of our previous episode, we try to decipher the Molly of Molly. Which leads to a discussion on starting v. finishing and then to society, capitalism, and ego in this age of Coronavirus.

Then Molly taunts a colony of ants.

Astrology, Passages, & How Molly Picks Wine E003 pt 1

Hannah and Molly went long for this episode. We're releasing them in smaller, digestible bites. This is the first part of 2 for this week. 

In this episode, Molly mentions Passages a book by Gail something.

The author's name is Gail Sheehy, and if you haven't read it, you can get it here.

Part 2 of this episode is coming... tomorrow? Maybe.

Family History and Dungeons & Dragons E002

To prove she survived her fall described in our proto-episode, Sharon (aka 'Mommy-sha') makes a guest appearance. Join us as Molly and Hannah discuss family relations and mock Corey for playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Outro music: Man of the House - Speed the Plough by Aislinn.

E001 How It Begins

Welcome to the first proper episode of the Softpants Podcast! Molly and Hannah talk about the origins of the podcast and other stuff.

When these two become mega podcasters, you can say you were there at the very beginning Header_1_9y9xb.jpg


E001 BONUS! Cheesecake and wine.

Because of COVID, Molly recorded in her studio, while Hannah was on the couch. In the middle, Molly needed Hannah to check her cheesecake. And bring her some wine. This exciting behind the scenes look is only available to,... well, anyone who downloads it.

And if you want to see how the cheesecake turned out, here it is! 

BTW, Hannah never got to try it. 

E000 Sharon Slipped In Her Slippers On the Stairs

Our proto episode! Recounting how Sharon slipped on the stairs and broke her nose!


She's fine, btw, and even appears in episode 2!

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